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MOEHAIR Hair Mask Is your hair dehydrated, severely damaged and/or chemically treated and hence, lost the life and luster of beautiful healthy hair? Moe’s Gold Infused Hair Mask enriched with the best ingredients from nature works as a restorative mask that improves the health of your hair. It deeply penetrates the hair cuticle and helps provide intense repair,shine and conditioning.Repairs hair Repairs hair cuticles Intense conditioner Treat your hair with nothing but the best.

12 fl. oz. (360 ml.)

MOEHAIR Shampoo is a sulphate-free formula designed with cosmetic gold-silk infusions to gently clean and invigorate both the hair and scalp. The pure formula is made with raw and active plant ingredients that strengthen, protect Keratin and moisturize to leave the hair soft, full of body and elongate the duration of your keratin treatment and/or color. Aloe Vera gel, wild Andean rose oil and medicinal herbs are expertly blended to help regenerate hair, protect it against environmental influences and stimulate circulation in the scalp.

12 fl. oz. (360 ml)

MOEHAIR Conditioner moisturizes and protects HAIR REPAIR SYSTEM, Keratin and color. This conditioner is infused with special cosmetic gold-silk, keratin, wheat and soy protein oil to provide lasting nourishment and heat protection while leaving the hair shiny, luscious and in healthy condition.
12 fl. oz. (360 ml)

12 fl. oz. (360 ml.)

MOEHAIR LEAVE IN CONDITIONER formula is carefully crafted for today’s demand for the perfect look all day long with our new all natural formula for the leave conditioner we promise both the hair stylist and his customer to preserve the curly look or the straight look all day long with a non fading shine that will dazzle.

Leave In Conditioner was specially designed to impart a healthy appearance to hair thanks to a special blend of Natural Protein and Vitamin B5. It can be used daily without build up on hair, provides excellent shine and helps to detangle hair.

Directions For Use:
Gold Infused Leave In Conditioner can be applied on dry or towel dry hair. Spray 5 times evenly on hair then disperse product with hands until you get a good distribution of product. After you apply you can use fingers or a brush to comb.

MOEHAIR Gold Silk Treatment nourishes and strengthens hair while eliminating frizz. enriched with Argan Oil, Omega 7, and Vitamin C, the treatment deeply conditions and restores shine while providing UV protection from environmental and sun damage. The natural molecules in the formula penetrate the surface of the hair to get to the root, sealing split ends, improving shine and elasticity.

4 fl. oz. (120 ml)

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