The Best Keratin Made In USA

Moehair Hair Repair System


Hair Repair intensively repairs the internal hair structure, shielding the hair during the smoothing process and smoothing down unmanageable hair. It is a luxurious keratin treatment that provides a soft touch to unmanageable hair for a dazzling shine.• Smoothens, softens and straightens
• Intense nourishment
• Improves manageability
• Detangles frizz
• Repairs hair and reduces damage

Moehair Pure Hair Makeover


Almost everyone wishes to have thick, long hair. Pollution, styling tools, and coloring agents regularly harm the hair, making it thin, dry, and fragile. That’s where Moehair Pure Hair Makeover kicks in to naturally smoothen, straighten, strengthen, and rejuvenate unruly, frizzy hair. Hair Protein treatments are like nourishment for your hair. It helps them stay healthy, hydrated, and revitalized. Not to mention the fact that it makes your hair look great.

• Prevents Frizz
• Smoothens Hair Cuticle
• Renders Lustrous Shine
• Repairs Damage
• Strengthens Hair